Viva voce organised by Lagune Quest
09.09 – 21.10.2022

Loggia e.V.
Gabelsbergerstr. 26
80333 München

All I can tell you is that the story contains the following elements: a tree, a house, an uterus, a chef, phone screens, candy, butter, a violin, a plane, a bard, coins, an underworld, a snake, and the sound of eurodance.


Maybe not exactly that way. It differs slightly from the first version but whatever… We might have lost some words in the translation proces but we might gain some new meanings we didn’t think of before. I suppose this is more fitting for now.

Loggia is excited to collaborate with Lagune Ouest as its invited partner for this year’s edition of Various Others. The exhibition features work by emerging artists who primarily live and work in Copenhagen and gives viewers a glimpse into recent developments in the Danish art scene.

Although different in organization and legal structure, both Loggia and Lagune Ouest share a similar set of values and interests, in particular, supporting local artists and showcasing idiosyncratic expression in the field of sculpture. Therefore, one aspect of the exhibition is to question the current definition of sculpture by expanding and hopefully transcending it.

Participating artists: Moa Alskog, Emilie Bausager, Kåre Frang, Laura Guiseppi, Matthieu Haberard, Asta Lynge, Ivan Pérard, Sara Sjölin